Dr Williams Pink Pills for Pale People


Welcome to the World of Dr Williams Pink Pills for Pale People

From Science Museum (with thanks)

Dr William’s ‘Pink Pills’ were advertised as an iron rich tonic for the blood and nerves to treat anaemia, clinical depression, poor appetite and lack of energy. The tablets were originally advertised as “Pink Pills for Pale People”. Users of the product claimed the pills could even cure paralysis.

The patent for the pills was bought by an American politician, Senator George T Fulford (1852-1905) in 1890. Fulford made the product an international success.

From Spiritus Temporis (with thanks)

In 1890, G. T. Fulford & Company obtained the rights to produce Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People, and began marketing it through Dr. Williams Medicine Company. Reverend Enoch Hill of M.E. Church of Grand Junction in Iowa, endorsed the product in many 1900s advertisements, saying that it energized him and cured his chronic headaches. Eventually, the product came to be advertised around the world in 82 countries, including its native Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.


Dr Williams Pink Pills Advertisement

The Reason for their World Wide Success

"The worldwide success of Dr Williams Pink Pills is due to their direct power of making new blood, and enriching the blood that is already there. They are the one Medicine that can be relied on to bring back the appetite and colour and never do anything but good.

Dr Williams Pink Pills are a strengthening medicine. They build up the blood, strengthen the nerves, and give energy and vitality to weak, exhausted, discourage men and women. Their virtues are constantly spread abroad by those whom they have cured, and their cures now encircle the globe"

Young Wife's Distressing Sufferings

Anaemic, Nervous and Weak.
Felt so Ill and Miserable, She Would Often Sit Down and Cry

"I was devoid of energy and felt irritable and depressed. My nerves were in a shocking state, and morbid thoughts were continually running though my mind. I was always in a state of fear of I knew not what. I could not sleep at night and became so weak that it was impossible for me to do my housework"

"Then a friend advised me to try Dr Williams Pink Pills as they had done her so much good. She told me how ill she had been with her nerves, dizziness and fainting bouts and felt life was not worth living until she began taking Dr Williams Pink Pills"

"..after two weeks I felt a great deal better...I am like a new woman, and like my friend, feel that life is worth living again"

A Mother's Anxiety

About her Weak Anaemic Daughter
Pale, Languid and Always Ailing

"When my daughter Irene entered her teens she rapidly outgrew her strength. She grew pale and languid, could not eat and lost much weight. For the next few years, life was a misery to her; she was continually ailing and never knew what it was to feel really well"

"Then a friend who is a nurse recommended Dr Williams Pink Pills, and we decided to give them a try"

"and within a fortnight of commencing the pills, I felt better than I had done for two or three years"

To Parents and Guardians

Upon parents rests a great responsibility at the time their daughters are budding into womanhood. If your daughter is plae, complains of weakness, is tired out after the slightest exertion, if she is troubled with headache, bachache, if her temper is fitful and her appetitie poor, then you may be sure she is a victim of anaemia. In that case you should lose no time in giving your daughter Dr Williams Pink Pills. They will assist her to develop properly; they will enrich the blood and restore the roses to her cheeks. Wise mothers will give their daughters Dr Williams Pink Pillls upon the approach of womanhod, and thus avoid the risks of their becoming anaemic.

Depressed And Miserable

Wretchedly Nervous For Months - Afraid To Go Out Alone

"For months I was depressed and miserable. I suffered horrible fits of trembling, and morbid and frightening ideas were continually on my mind. I was afraid to go out alone, and still more afraid to stay at home"

"Then my mother advised me to take Dr Williams Pink Pills as she had herself derived great benefit from them many years ago"

"I started taking the pills, and felt the benefit almost at once; my appetite picked up and I was more cheerful"

"I think Dr Williams Pink Pills are marvellous, and I should like my statement to be published so that other sufferers may benefit"

Is Your Baby Cross and Peevish? Make Him Happy and Contented

"The best of babies can get cross and peevish at times. The trouble may be due to teething or some little disturbance of the stomach. Whatever the cause, in most cases baby can be made happy and contented by one or two Bablets"

"A Bundle Of Nerves"

This Woman Was so Run Down, Irritable and Depressed That The Least Thing Upset Her

"Life was too much of a burden for me to bear. I have six children, and the work of keeping house as well as looking after them was as much as one could manage without being handicapped by ill health"

"I was so irritable that the least thing upset me; I was just a bundle of nerves from morning till night. I looked ghastly; my face was very pale and I could never get the rest I craved because my nerves would not let me sleep at night"

"My sufferings continued until one day I read about Dr Williams Pink Pills and decided to give them a trial. Within a few days I began to feel the benefits"

"I now feel perfectly fit and well. Work is a pleasure instead of a drudgery; the children no longer get on my nerves and I can eat and sleep well. The wonderful change is due to Dr Williams Pink Pills and I shall always recommend them"

Once Pale, Bloodless And Miserable

Now Robust, Happy and Full Of Life

"My daughter, Hetty, nineteen years of age, had been a victim of anaemia for about a year. Besides being pale and bloodless, her nerves were in a terrible state, and she was so depressed that she cried over the least thing"

"Then I remembered having read about Dr Williams Pink Pills, and decided to see if they would do her good. Before she had finished the first box of pills Hetty showed signs of great improvement"

"As she continued with the pills, the colour came back to her cheeks, she gained wight, and now, after taking five boxes of Dr Williams Pink Pills, hetty is fit and well"

The Use and Abuse of Strong Purgative Medicines

"The constant taking of strong purgative medicines is a debilitating practice. Such medicines act not on the cause of the disease, but on the signs of it. In certain case a dose of an aperient is useful, but when this is necessary, steps should be taken to avoid the recurrence of such necessity by using the medicine that acts on the cause of the disease. It is because they act thus - removing the cause of the disease and not merely the symptoms of it - that Dr Williams brand Pink Pills are recommended in so many different ailments. There are times when an opening medicine is necessary and we know of nothing to equal Pinkettes for this purpose (see page 16). Pinkettes are gentle in action, yet quite effective, and they have none of the harmful effects associated with most aperient medicines"